IZee business school prepares students to man important positions in the industries. Internship is the phase when the management students are exposed to the practical side of the theories they study at the portals of our college.

As seeing is believing, so is involving in work situations skill developing. Regular interaction with leaders in the corporate world and placing students at the work tables facilitates both to happen.

Experts like Student mentors and soft skill trainers toil with individual students to help the latter to indentify in them their flair, natural inclination & Talents and former motivate them to specialize in the respective areas.

Being put on internship in the matching job profile, students are to compulsorily maintain a training diary recording therein their day to day learning experience under the guidance of the expert in the firm to whom he/she reports. Scrutiny of this record, both at the firm and the college by the respective in charge enables further guidance to be imparted at the earliest to ensure systematic learning and skill enhancement.

In short it is a purposeful and meaning exercise in developing a ready to manage young and dynamic executive much desired in the competitive business environment.


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