The ever growing and synergetic blend of technology and innovation is fuelling dynamism in global business arena. Transcending effectively the ever changing business horizon is the key challenge for today's management professional. It is our consistent endeavor at IZee to identity the evolving leadership and managerial imperatives of industry and pursue a multidisciplinary approach to harness and channelize the latent potential of our budding management professionals.

The Institute's close association with Indian industry has provided much needed 'real life' reference to its research and case studies and ensured that management thinking remains infused with practical relevance.

Management institutes play a vital role in the economic and social growth of a nation. IZee has always served the cause of nation building and responded to social-economic needs while providing path-breaking management education.

India is going through very interesting and challenging times both economically and socially. This gives us at IZee a vantage point that is most exciting for any researcher today - new assumptions, new questions, new theoretical constructs to explain many phenomena. While others study social entrepreneurship, it is our everyday context. While the world talks of sustainability, it is the bedrock of our inclusive development. India is creating its own new grounds of global learning and practice out of its own diversity, complexity and philosophy. India's engagement with the world is dynamic and constantly evolving.

I would also take this opportunity to thank the industry for their unflinching support and constant patronage that IZee has enjoyed.

IZee endeavors to remain at the crest of change and continue to develop management thought that addresses vital business, social and human needs.

Prof. Nancy Thiara
Dean, IZee Group of Institutions


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