" I am happy that we at IZEE College have made conscious efforts towards molding young minds into creating industry ready, 'plug-and-play' and confident professionals."

from IZee College of Management & Information Science!

The current business environment radar shows trends that are challenging the very fundamentals of business. Changing demographics, competitive markets, technology, globalisation, are the imposed business realities for a manager today. While it is difficult for a course to entirely cater to each possible challenge, one needs to nurture the ability to adapt to the changes underway. I feel students standing on this threshold need to imbibe the following four challenges:

1). Concepts - The basics of any business are the crucial foundation on which great successes are built. An understanding of the concepts is a given; the ability to rally around the concept, and brainstorm creative solutions is a competence an organisation seeks.

2). Adaptation - Adaptation to change is an ability that is critical in the new order. Adapting can be in the form of re-skilling, or the ability to move on from a traditional and inhibiting mindset. The willingness to scale the learning curve at various inflexion points in your career will set you apart from the crowd.

3). Execution - While it is quite easy to plan; what is difficult is to execute. The ability of 'getting things done' is what separates the men from the boys. This is a unique mix of inertia, gut and having what it takes to walk the last mile. Execution is the core skill in management. The ability to envision and synergies resources to reach the goal is a desirable competence.

4). Attitude and Integrity - The pivot around which your success are built are the attitude with which you approach your work and the integrity of purpose that you demonstrate. The cliché of attitude determining your altitude is a phrase worth revisiting every now and then.

I am happy that we at IZee College have made conscious efforts towards molding young minds through our extended curriculum directed towards creating industry ready, 'plug-and-play' and confident professionals.

Welcome to this journey!

Prof. Nanjundappa


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